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Fused Silica Glass commonly known as “Quartz ‘ is an excellent insulating substance which contains very little alkali content that creates electrical conduction and has a low gas content.

High-purity quartz is an important light-fiber material due to its low light absorption and excellent light-dimming properties. It is mainly used in the Dry Etch and Diffusion processes in Semiconductors. After plasma formation, it plays a role in bringing plasma into the chamber to the correct position and insulating function.

Using its heat resistance and thermal shock and chemical resistance It is used as a crystal oscillators in a chemical laboratory apparatus, clock, and communication devices.

From shape processing to polishing, Coma Technology directly manufactures Quartz products that are supplied to Semiconductor Process and other fields.

Bulk Density(g/㎤)>2.15
Load0.5kg HV1=9.807N Vickers Hardness(GPa)8.6
Bending Strength(MPa)70
Compressive Strength(MPa)1100
Poissons Ratio0.17
Thermal Conductivity(W/mK)1.5
Thermal Expansion(x10-6/℃)43
Specific Heat([RT]/kg.K)0.2
Volume Resistivity(Ωcm)>10
Dielectric Constant(25℃ 1MHz)3.75
  • Have a material property with Ultra High Purity

    Transparent Quartz glass dissolves high purity Anhydrous acid at high temperatures, so the content of impurities is extremely small. Opaque Quartz glass is made of high-quality Silica as a raw material, and is used in large-scale Bell Jars and Silicon refiners with a purity of over 99.99% SIO2.

  • Low Glass Content

    In the semiconductor Industry, materials with high stability at high temperatures are required, and in this respect, quartz glass is far superior to other materials.

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent properties at high temperatures

    With an expansion coefficient of 5×9°C (0-1000 °C), it has high heat resistance against rapid heating and rapid cooling, and is applied even at high temperatures of 1100°C in Semiconductor processes.

  • Specific heat and specific conductivity

    The specific heat is 890-1,140 J/kg (20-1000), and the thermal conductivity is 1.3w/mk at 0°C and 1.5w/mk at 100°C. The specific heat of unevenness and transparency is similar, but the thermal conductivity of opaque glass is somewhat lower.

  • Excellent electrical insulator

    Transparent quartz glass is a non-conductor because it contains little alkali that produces electrical conduction, and it is widely used as an indispensable insulator for special measuring instruments and communication models because of its low dielectric loss for all frequencies.

> Main products of Quartz parts

Product NameProduct use and description
Focus Ring After plasma formation, the plasma in the chamber gathers to the correct position and performs the insulating function. It has recently been partially replaced by Si Focus Ring
2-tier ring It controls the pressure of the plasma.
Belljar It plays a role of controlling plasma formation by transmitting microwaves.
Boat type It is used in thermal oxide diffusion CVD(Chemical Vapor Deposition) process, and is used as a container for transferring wafers to the factory.
Tube type It is used for oxide film formation or diffusion process and acts as a reactor in the form of lapping boat products
Cap type As a product that supports quartz, it acts as a thermal insulation so that there is no internal heat loss.
Bath type It is a square container that can be stored without damaging the wafer during the wafer cleaning process and etching process.
Other major products Wide Poket, Shadow Ring, Base Plate, Lifter Pin, Shield Ring ... etc