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Silicon Parts

Coma Technology Co., Ltd. directly manufactures all Silicon parts used in Semiconductor/Display Equipment for all processes.

  • Silicon Ring

  • Silicon Electrode

  • Silicon Electrode
    One Piece Electrode

Sapphire Parts

Coma Technology is making a revolutionary contribution by increasing production efficiency and reducing cost through addressing the etching and particle issues of the material by changing to harder, higher chemical and etch resistance Sapphire Material.

  • Sapphire Window
    (Chamber View Port Window)

  • Sapphire Nozzle
    (Injector / Nozzle / Tip)

  • Sapphire Ring
    (Sapphire Tube and other Sapphire Products)

Ceramic Parts

Coma Technology is continuously expanding the possibilities of new technologies through Ceramic Materials applicable to various fields.

  • Porous Ceramic

  • Ceramic Plunger
    (CERAMIC PLUNGER / High Pressure Pump Piston)

  • Ceramic Ring, Insulator, Robot Hand,
    Injector, Nozzle, Various Ceramic Products Such As Bonding Jigs And Heaters

COMA Technology
Key Technology

  • Silicon Parts

    Inner End Polishing Technology for Integrated Silicon Electrode for Semiconductor Etching Process

    Hydrofluoric Acid and Alkali Etching Technology for Silicon Electrode and Silicon Ring used in Semiconductor Etching Process

  • Sapphire Parts

    Sapphire Micro-Hole (less than 0.3mm) Processing Technology

    Improved Curved Surface Roughness (Curve Polishing Technology)

    Sapphire-Ceramic Bonding Technology (Sapphire+Sapphire, Sapphire+Ceramic)

  • Ceramic Parts

    Porous Ceramic, Porous Vacuum Chuck , Vacuum Line Design and Manufacturing Technology (Flatness Guaranteed)

    Ultra Fine Flow Measurement Technology (Nozzle)

    Ceramic Plunger (Piston for High Pressure Pump) manufacturing Technology (Concentricity, Straightness under 2㎛)

  • Lapping & Polishing

    Large Diameter Ceramic Flattening Technology (Ultra Precision Lapping Technology.

    Diamond Window Polishing Technology (First in the World)

    Mirror Polishing Technology for Metal (Aluminum, SUS, Carbide, Etc)