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Silicon, used as Semiconductor element material is widely used material that can be stably supplied to the Industry as it is abundantly found in Sand, Rocks and Ores in the oxidized form of SiO2, Silicon has high purity single crystal structure of 99.9999% after purification process, and has strong durability, high functionality and high reliability while operating in relatively high temperature(200℃). The change in operating temperature has a very less effect on the physical properties.

Silicon which is Siloxane(Silicon-Oxygen) is much stronger than Carbon–Oxygen, and can operate at relatively high temperatures, and due to its low physical and mechanical changes in properties, it is easier to adjust the resistance by adjusting the crystallization and the amount of impurities.

Coma Technology Co., Ltd has in house facilities for all the major processes from Material to Shape Processing, Etching, Polishing, Cleaning etc Coma possesses a unique Hydrofluoric Acid Etching and Inner End Polishing facilities resulting in a much superior product.
Continuous investment is being done with a goal to become the leading Silicon Semiconductor Parts manufacturing Company in the Global Market.

Load0.5Kg HV1=9.807N Vickers Hardness(GPa)10.2
Flexural Strength(MPa)300
Thermal Conductivity(W/mK)25℃ : 120
Specific Heat([RT]J/kg.K)0.6
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(x10-6/°C)25~400℃ : 3.5
25~800℃ : 3.9
Maximum Use Temperature(°C)1300
Volume Resistivity(Ω. ㎝)Low resistance : <0.02Ω. ㎝
General resistance : 1~5Ω. ㎝
High resistance : 60~90Ω. ㎝